When you are at the restaurant or having a dinner with your friends, who is going to choose the wine? Which one to choose?

Combivino is the APP to find out the right match of wine with food, using a technical approach created to enjoy every tasting experience.

The user has 2 food databases available: dishes and desserts. For each food we’ve matched the right wine, according to our classification which includes all wines into 6 categories and 45 types. We focused on the body and the predominant organoleptic note, the perception that stands out more than the others. The body goes along the structure of the dish, while the organoleptic note accords with its characteristics, both tactile (fatness, sapidity, softness, etc.) and aromatic.

Combivino is an absolute innovation among the APPs that pair food and wine, using two unique features: the “Multi-course pairing” and the “Tasting options”.

1. The Multi-course pairing

Combivino can find the right wine for a single food, a complete meal or with all the dishes you desire. In this way, a couple at a restaurant can choose the perfect wine match with every course of the meal. At the same time a larger group is able to choose a wine for the starters and another one for the following courses as well. You have endless options.

2. The Tasting options

If you want to taste different wines, Combivino can help you choose what to drink while respecting a correct tasting order. To use this option, you have just to click on the specific wine’s glass to empty its content, the system is then going to consider automatically only the equivalent or superior types of wine.

The rules of the flavor pairing are objective and subjective, and we have definitely put our point of view. Combivino was born as a game and we would like people use it like it. We adopted this philosophy even for our Logo and our communication campaign. With the right tool everyone can be an expert of wine, unless it is proven otherwise! Less experienced users can approach wine-food matching correctly thanks to our suggestions, experts can challenge themselves and each other with the most daring wine-food matching.

With Combivino we are all wine experts!