Combivino is an APP to pair wine and beer with food correctly and in a simple and fun way. Our expert sommeliers will help you choose the best pairing according to your taste and preference.


Wine and Food pairing

We have selected some wines for each dish according to a classification of the wines found on the market that divides them into 6 categories and 45 types. The core elements are the body and prevailing organoleptic notes, i.e. the perception that stands out among others. Body goes hand in hand with the structure of the dish, while organoleptic notes are in line with its texture and aroma. Combivino is the first APP in the world offering two unique functions:

- The Multi-course Pairing makes it possible to find a wine that pairs perfectly with a single dish or with the entire meal. Insert all the dishes you want to pair and then click on “COMBINE”.

- The Testing Option makes it possible to taste multiple wines respecting the correct order. Just tap on the glass of the wine selected and empty its contents. The system will carry out the following research considering only equivalent or superior wine types.


Beer and Food pairing

We have selected some beers for each dish according to a classification of the beers found on the market that divides them into 7 categories and 76 styles. Pairings have been assessed by affinity and contrast. Prevailing aromatic and tasting notes are taken into consideration as well as the texture. There are also more unusual pairings aimed at creating new sensations by pairing food and beer.

Combivino is an APP for anyone and everyone. Beginner users can approach wine or beer in the best way thanks to our suggestions, while connoisseurs can challenge both us and each other with the most daring pairings.


Enjoy your tasting experience!